About Us


Established in the year 1991, Arul Gardens is a nursery with a difference.

Succulents and cactus are our specialty. Our succulents and cactus are home grown, tended with love and care, so we guarantee healthy plants.

Arul Gardens is a family owned nursery with Mr. Arulswamy being the sole owner. This lush roof garden was setup by Mr.Arulswamy as a hobby two decades ago, and the skills were passed on to his kith and kin. As an enthusiastic gardener he was fascinated by succulents, cactus and organic/edible gardening. His profuse gardening interest let him transform this roof garden into a nursery. Our transformed nursery propagates theme gardening, which utilizes wide range of terracotta pots, terracotta figures and wooden assemblies for the decor.

With cities getting smaller and smaller with growing population, and people cramping for every inch of space to live, breathe easy by visiting this roof garden. If you think you cannot setup a garden in a small landscape, then, you are wrong. Apparently, space should not be a constraint when you have abundant enthusiasm towards gardening. Arul Gardens will prove it all for you.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Succulents or Cactus

  • Most exquisite ornamental plants that can decorate your garden
  • Drought tolerant and can thrive in hot and humid conditions without water for more than a week
  • Needs scanty  watering
  • Needs less pruning and maintenance
  • Ideal for landscaping, window gardening and table-top gardening
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